View from the house of an autumn sunset with clouds over the sun and cattle in the field below.

A Special Place

Come rest awhile

View from the window - guitar on left, small table in front and sun low in the sky

A Welcoming Place

There is room for all at the table

Guests seated in a circle around a display with lit night lights (candles)

A Gathering Space

Wherever two or three are gathered

Macro image of a mosaic from the cosmic path.

A Cosmic Path

Follow our Cosmic Path

three stones collected from beach, each with a story in small stones on top - a person, standing, lying and an anger. Pink feather at top with blue ribbon encircling all

A Space of Celebration

Together let us sing

office hours

tuesday to friday

10AM -5PM

Opening Hours

Based on courses, events and workshops. Please feel welcome to call in or to contact us in advance to check availability.



FCJ Spirituality House | An Teach Spioradálta
Breaffy South
Spanish Point
Co. Clare
V95 E0W7

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Often guests and visitors ask us how they can leave a donation. Please feel free to use this form to do so, but it is not, in any way, a requirement.

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